Green buildings in the developing world

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Green buildings in the developing world

18 Jul 2011

When discussing construction in the modern world, it is difficult to look beyond urbanisation in the developing countries like Brazil, China and India to see where some of the most innovative energy- efficient buildings are being designed. These countries are experiencing a period of accelerated growth that is arguably, especially in the case of China, on a larger scale than the post war reconstruction that occurred in Europe, Japan and the US in the years immediately after the Second World War.

However, unlike the 1940’s and 1950’s, the well being of the environment is now something that architects take on board and is becoming just as important as the functionality of the buildings they are designing.  This approach to construction in no more apparent than in the plans for a mid-rise office building in Santa Catarina, Brazil, that will soon be complete and ready for the local Council of Administration to move into. The energy - efficiency of the building is outstanding and begins with its location overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, a position that allows the building to take advantage of the sea breeze and use it to avoid running the air conditioning. In addition, the building features energy - efficient glass, solar panels and extensive greenery on the roof that helps to insulate it during the mild Brazilian winter.

Plans for the new headquarters of the Regional Council of Administration of Santa Catarina

Over in India, work is underway on a green multi sports complex that is set to generate most of the energy required to operate through solar and piezoelectricity (a system that sees paths of heavy foot traffic harvesting kinetic energy generated by crowds). In addition, energy - efficient glass will also be installed throughout the complex where necessary in order to harness the benefits of energy created by the sun. This is an ambitious project that is due to be complete in 2012 and highlights how architects designing large building projects in the developing world are applying energy - efficient measures to their work.

Here at Pilkington we have a list of improvements that home owners can make to ensure that their house is energy - efficient. These measures are part of our MOT Your Home™ campaign that is fronted by architect George Clarke. For more information on this and details on how you can improve the energy-rating of you home visit the Pilkington website here.

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