Glass in Buildings - The Hidden Benefits of Glazing

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Glass in Buildings - The Hidden Benefits of Glazing

29 Sep 2015

An independent study commissioned by Glass for Europe has discovered that the social and economic benefits of glazed buildings extend far beyond aesthetics and energy-efficiency.


We spend over 80% of our lives within buildings and numerous research studies have demonstrated that glazing has profound implications in terms of human health, happiness and productivity.

These benefits include increases in;

- Quality of life, happiness and a sense of wellbeing

- Health (and healing)

- Ability to learn in educational establishments

- Productivity whilst at work

- Profitability and shopper-footfall in retail buildings.

A growing body of evidence suggests that daylight plays a critically important role in health and productivity, so it’s no wonder demands to supply within the glazing industry are ever increasing as we seek to bring more daylight into our lives.

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