Enhance Your Home With The New Pilkington Texture Glass Patterns

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Pilkington Cassini Lifestyle Image

Enhance Your Home With The New Pilkington Texture Glass Patterns

30 Nov 2017
The beauty of using decorative glass for many homeowners is the ability to create stylish glass features while maximizing privacy and light.
Pilkington’s range of textured glass patterns does this and more, with a wide range of elegant and contemporary styles to choose from, suitable for a variety of interior spaces. And now, Pilkington has added two new patterns to its Texture Glass range.

The new Pilkington Cassini™ is a chic design inspired by the mosaics of Barcelona, with fine line detail and stunning angles. The pattern makes use of an overlapping design to create the illusion that the pattern is changing throughout. 

Also new to the range is Pilkington Tribal™, which has been designed on the latest Aztec-style trends. This vivid pattern has been created by hand-etching, so you can incorporate glass with a historical and unique design method while maintaining a modern feel.

The potential uses of textured glass in the home are numerous; everything from splash-backs to cupboard doors can be enhanced by beautiful and modern styles. It also offers the element of privacy, making it perfect for use for interior partitions or in bathrooms.  

The two new designs form part of the Pilkington Texture Glass range, which now offers 21 different designs ranging from traditional to contemporary.

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