How does Energy Saving Glazing work?

Heat always flows towards the cold. Therefore, window glass without a low-e coating will absorb the heat from your home and radiate it onto the colder outside surface, where it is lost. Low-e glass has a special coating which is a poor radiator of heat and does not allow heat to be transferred to the outside. Instead, the low-e coating actually reflects the heat back into your room.

 The interactive demonstration below explains how Pilkington K Glass™ works: 

A Pilkington energiKare™ unit reduces the amount of heat lost through your windows while also allowing more heat/energy from the sun through the glass. This so-called passive solar gain provides additional energy free of charge. A Pilkington energiKare™ unit  is a combination of a product from  either our low-emissivity glass range: Pilkington K Glass™ or Pilkington Optitherm™ combined with Pilkington Optiwhite™ low-iron glass or Pilkington Optifloat™ in a double glazed  or triple glazed unit. The following interactive demonstration shows how Pilkington energiKare™ works:


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