Householders FAQs - General


I am concerned about a phone call or visit I have received from a NSG Group?Pilkington UK representative or by a claim made by a company saying they are operating on behalf of NSG Group/Pilkington UK.

It has come to our attention that homeowners are receiving calls from people or companies claiming to operate on our behalf. This may be a Sales Representative who claims to be from NSG Group or Pilkington UK, or they are offering an energy efficiency survey or they claim that they are operating a discount scheme which is funded by us in some way. 

In some cases, the person phoning or visiting has been rude or aggressive and in others has not provided ID or has given incorrect information.

Please be advised that Pilkington United Kingdom operates in a business to business (Trade) environment only and we do not contact homeowners to sell glass or windows. Neither do we offer any surveys concerning energy efficiency nor are we supporting or backing any discount or “green” schemes as offered by some window companies. If you have been approached and have been advised that we do support such schemes then please contact us immediately as detailed below.

If we are advised of individuals or companies operating in this way and provided with sufficient contact information we will do what we can to ask them to stop. However we do rely on information from householders and others in order to do this.  

Therefore should you receive a call from anyone claiming to be a Pilkington UK representative, please ask them for identification and contact us either by email to or by phone on 01744 69 2000.

In the meantime, we can only apologise that this sort of activity is taking place. As you can imagine, we are very concerned that our company name is being misused in this way so we are actively trying to stop it.

2 Can I have a copy of your terms of sale?

Pilkington United Kingdom Limited supplies to Trade Customers only. Our glass and double glazed units are available through your local glass merchant or window company and your contract will be directly with them.

3 Which trade association does Pilkington United Kingdom belong to?

Pilkington United Kingdom Limited is a member of the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF). Buying your glass or windows through a GGF member offers a range of benefits therefore we do recommend that you visit the GGF website to find out more and to find suppliers in your area.

4 Can you provide general advice on how to choose a window supplier or glazier?

We are not in a position to recommend any particular companies but would advise using a member of the Glass & Glazing Federation (see their website at
We do operate a supplier finder for customers registered with us as offering products or services incorporating our glass. To find a supplier near you please search here. Note however that we do not recommend any of the suppliers registered with us.

5 What is the phone number of my local Pilkington branch?

Pilkington United Kingdom Limited supplies only Trade Customers. To buy our products you should contact your local window/conservatory company for double glazing, or your local glass or builders merchant for sheets of glass or mirrors. Some customers have registered with us to say they supply our products and they can be found on our supplier finder. Alternatively we recommend that you choose a local company which is a member of the GGF, the Glass & Glazing Federation. 

6 Where can I buy single sheets of glass for mirrors, internal glazing, sheds and so on?

Your local Glass Merchant as listed in Yellow Pages or through an internet search site will stock this kind of glass. Also the larger branches of B&Q now offer glass cutting services. This kind of glass is not available directly from us for Retail customers since we are a Trade only supplier.