Fully Engineered Structural Glazing System

Fully Engineered System

In supplying Pilkington Planar™ as a complete glass and fittings solution which has been developed and then checked by a qualified engineer, Pilkington Architectural are able to provide the system with a comprehensive 12 year design and materials warranty. A total package of this nature provides total confidence in the ability of the system to meet and exceed the requirements of the individual design project.

To develop the design from initial concept through to installed facade, Pilkington provide a full range of sales details, standard assembly drawings, component manufacture drawings and installation manuals. Experienced engineers are also on hand to discuss options for customising the standard hardware and developing bespoke structural glazing solutions. This same design team are able to advice on the provision of solar control, acoustic damping and enhanced security performance when the need arises.

Pilkington Planar™ is never sold as glass or hardware alone, but always as a complete system; the design of which remains the exclusive responsibility of Pilkington, giving you absolute reassurance. The knowledge acquired by Pilkington Architectural over the past 40 years of testing has enabled the company to introduce a Code of Practice for structural glass façades. Every part of every Pilkington Planar™ solution is designed in accordance with these criteria.

When the demands of a specific project are such that Pilkington does not possess the relevant test results or material data, then the internal team of design engineers have access to a test laboratory at the Pilkington European Technology Centre. This facility includes wind load test rigs rated to 10kPa in addition to test plants for glass fins, impact resistance, UV, high humidity and cyclic temperature testing.