New Non-Dwellings

New Non-Dwellings

The Part L 2021 consultation process has commenced with proposals being released for new dwellings. The corresponding proposals have yet to be issued for new buildings other than dwellings (e.g. offices, retail, etc.), but we are expecting major changes to the overall energy performance requirements for new buildings that fall into this category.

The consultation on proposed changes for new buildings other than dwellings are anticipated in accordance with the following timeline:

Date  Action 
Late 2020 / early 2021 Consultation on energy efficiency standards for new buildings other than dwellings  
Early / mid 2021 Publication of new Part L, Part F and overheating regulations
Mid / late 2021 Part L, Part F and overheating regulations come into force

New proposals could include higher levels of thermal insulation for the building envelope and a greater reliance on renewable technologies. With an increasing focus on reducing overheating in summer, the specification of the notional (reference) building could be tightened, including the g value for the glass, which is currently set at 0.40 (or, 40%).

Pilkington provides a range of products that can provide thermal insulation and solar control.

If you have any questions on Part L 2021 and what the implications might be for glass, please complete our online contact form, selecting 'Architect' or 'Trade' as the Enquiry Type and 'Part L 2021' as the Nature of Your Enquiry.