The Part L 2020 consultation is underway and we expect overheating in buildings to feature prominently.

To address growing concerns about the effects of overheating in new dwellings, the government commissioned research to better understand the risk and options to mitigate this risk.  Phase 1 provided a better understanding of the type of properties most at risk of overheating, whereas phase 2 analysed the costs and benefits of strategies to reduce overheating.

The findings of this research are expected to inform the consultation on new requirements for overheating in new dwellings, the timetable for which is as follows:

Date Action 
Late 2019 / early 2020 Consultations on overheating in new dwellings
Early / mid 2020 Publication of new regulations for overheating regulations
Mid / late 2020 Overheating regulations come into force (at the same time as Part L and Part F)


The reports covering research into overheating in new homes can be found here.

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