Glassary - W

Glassary - W

Pilkington Warwick™ is the brand name for one of the Pilkington Texture Glass™ range (see consumer leaflet Pilkington Texture Glass™) of patterned glass. Pilkington Warwick™ has an obscuration level of 1.

a characteristic of electromagnetic radiation, by which it can be described. Usually used to discriminate between different types of electromagnetic radiation, such as visible, UV and infrared (heat).

the area density of a pane glass, expressed in kg/m2. Glass weighs 2.5 kgs/m2 per mm of thickness (i.e. 4mm = 10kgs/m2, 6mm = 15kgs/m2, 10mm = 25kgs/m2).

Weighted sound reduction index (Rw):
incorporates a correction for the ear's response and has been derived in accordance with BS 5821:
1984 (see acoustic properties).

an old brand name for Pilkington Acoustic Laminated (see Product Data Sheet).

Wind resistance:
the ability of the glass to withstand wind loads. See Technical Bulletin Glass and Wind Loading.

Wired glass:
generic name which covers polished wired glass and wired cast glass. Our product range is called Pilkington Pyroshield™.

Wired cast glass:
the old generic name for Pilkington Pyroshield™ Textured. Glass with a welded steel mesh incorporated within the body of the semi-molten glass and formed by passing between two rollers, one of which forms an impression or pattern into the glass.