Frequently Asked Questions - General



How do I get a price?

For branch account holders, please contact your local branch for single sheet glass. See list below

For units, please click here

Pilkington Architectural (Pilkington Planar ™ enquiries only) - Tel: 01744 692000   send e-mail
Pilkington Basingstoke  - Tel:  01256 469 651   send e-mail
Pilkington Birmingham  - Tel: 0121 326 5300   send e-mail
Pilkington Bradford  - Tel: 01274 683 503   send e-mail
Pilkington Gateshead  - Tel: 0191 487 7300   send e-mail
Pilkington Nottingham  - Tel: 01159 400 980   send e-mail
Pilkington Plyglass, Alfreton  - Tel: 01773 520 000   send e-mail
Pilkington Salford  - Tel: 0161 932 8200   send e-mail


Where can I buy the product?

Contact your local branch (see answer 1 above)


How quick is the delivery time?

Contact your local branch (see answer 1 above)


What guarantees do I get?

Pilkington products are made and tested to British and European standards. There is no requirement to guarantee single glass constructions - for instance that toughened glass is toughened glass and unless it is further heat treated its characteristics persist. For insulating glass units Pilkington have a warranty for its customers but it is not assignable. Look for a warranty from the installer.


Where do I get copies of the standards and regulations?

The Communities and Local Government website has a lot of freely available information, click here to view. Communities and Local Government was formerly known as The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM)

The BSI publishes standards and they can be purchased from them. The standards are copyright and we cannot send out copies or extracts.