Pilkington Solar-E™


Pilkington Solar-E™ combines low-emissivity with good solar control.  It is an on-line coated, pyrolitic glass with neutral appearance, medium light transmittance, and low light reflectance.

It is well-suited to both commercial facades and residential applications where high reflectance is prohibited or undesirable, a neutral aesthetic is preferred and energy efficiency in both summer and winter is required at a reasonable price.


Costs and energy efficiency

Good solar control performance with low light reflectance ensures comfortable interiors at a reasonable price. The low-emissivity property provides additional thermal insulation, which makes the product both energy- and cost-efficient through a reduced need for lighting, heating and cooling.

Natural aesthetics

The clear glass and natural aspect of the good performance coating provide medium light transmittance and low light reflectance for undistorted, natural views.

All-round usage

The durable on-line coating makes the product easy to handle and process. The product can be laminated, toughened, bent and enamelled using standard techniques. It can be used in its monolithic form or incorporated in an IGU and has an unlimited shelf-life. No edge deletion is required.

Colour stability

The colour remains stable whether toughened or annealed.

Production efficiency

The stability of the coating, even after heat treatment, reduces lead times and production losses when toughening is required.

Wide product range

Available in sizes up to 5180 x 3300 mm in 6 mm and 8 mm thicknesses.


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