Pilkington Activ™ Range

Range Overview

Pilkington made a significant step in the glass industry with the development of Pilkington Activ™, the first dual-action self-cleaning glass. The unique dual-action of the Pilkington Activ™ coating uses the forces of nature to help keep the glass free from dirt, giving not only the practical benefit of less cleaning, but also clearer, better-looking windows. The  Pilkington Activ™ Range includes products which benefit from both self-cleaning and solar control properties helping to create an environment that can be used all year round.

The range comprises:

Pilkington Activ™ Clear: Self-cleaning glass

Pilkington Activ™ Bronze: Self-cleaning glass with solar control properties

Pilkington Activ™ Blue: Self-cleaning glass with  medium solar control properties

Pilkington Activ SunShade™ Neutral: Self-cleaning glass with medium solar control properties

Pilkington Activ  SunShade™ Blue: Self-cleaning glass with high solar control properties

How It Works

The unique dual-action self-cleaning coating is located on the external pane of glass.

The coating has revolutionay photo-catalytic and hydrophilic properties, and works in two stages:

Stage 1 - The coating reacts with natural daylight to break down and loosen organic dirt.

Stage 2 - When it rains, instead of forming droplets, the water spreads evenly over the surface of the glass, helping to wash away any dirt and reduce streaking.

During long dry spells the glass can be cleaned by simply hosing it down with clean water.


  • Latest technology, exclusive, prestige product Pilkington Activ™ both breaks down organic dirt and helps it to be washed away
  • Chemical reaction that uses UV light to break down and detach particles of organic dirt from the glass
  • Water spreads evenly over the glass surface to form a thin film, helping to wash dirt away, and drying off quickly
  • Your windows carry on cleaning themselves, even on cloudy days
  • Improved vision while raining, and afterwards
  • Windows never need drying - even after hosing down
  • Saves time and money - makes Pilkington Activ™ ideal for hard-to-reach glazing such as skylights
  • More friendly to the environment than ordinary glass
  • Your windows look good for longer
  • Pilkington Activ™ is virtually indistinguishable from ordinary glass

Range Brochures

Pilkington Activ™ (Blue/Bronze) Brochures

Pilkington Activ™ Clear Brochures

Pilkington Activ Suncool™ Brochures

Pilkington Activ SunShade™ Brochures

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