Competitor Products

Competitor Products


Can I sell "imported" glass?

Pilkington does not prohibit the importation of goods, providing the imported goods do not infringe on Pilkington's intellectual property rights or mislead customers to believe the goods are in any way connected to or associated with Pilkington.


Are the imported patterned glass products safe / toughenable / sufficiently similar to the Pilkington patterns for a satisfactory pattern match?

We do not know, we have not tested or examined them in detail. However, we are aware that patterned glass is widely used in non-toughened form in many overseas markets, and we have had, in the past, to make significant modifications to our own patterns to make them toughenable (as required in the UK market).


Can I use your pattern names in respect of imported pattern glass?

You should not use Pilkington pattern names to sell imported patterned glass. Most of the names we use to identify our patterns are registered trade marks which are to be used only in respect of Pilkington glass.   Pilkington's registered trade marks include Autumn, Cotswold, and Stippolyte. (Even where we have not registered a pattern name, use of a name for imported glass used by Pilkington in respect of one of its patterns is liable to mislead the customer regarding the origin of the glass and should be avoided to prevent the risk of passing off).

To view a listing of Pilkington registered trademarks click here.


What are you going to do about the imports/importers?

We are advising the market about our legal rights and we will uphold our rights. We will also continue to monitor the situation in the future.  We believe that once the true costs of dealing in imported products is appreciated i.e. the need to use clearly different brand names, separate promotional material and other means to avoid harming our rights, the limited range available and uncertainties relating to the glass supply will mean that such dealing will not be an attractive option.

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