This program allows you to hear the simulated effect that different types of glass can have on attenuating various external noises to help to provide a comfortable internal noise climate. It demonstrates the significant influence that glass can have on reducing noise. particularly using Pilkington OptiphonTM, which offer enhanced acoustic performance. The acoustic values given have been determined in accordance with EN ISO 10140 and EN ISO 717-1.

They are based on the glass only and do not take into account the effect of the frame. Please note that not all product combinations will be available in all markets. Please also check with your supplier that your chosen product combination is possible, available in the sizes required and in a timescale appropriate to your project. Furthermore, it is essential that you check that your product combination is appropriate for satisfying local, regional, national and other project-specific requirements.

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Pilkington Sound Simulator
External noise spectrum (dB)
Internal noise spectrum (dB)
1. Select a sound source.
Passenger Train
Freight Train
Urban Traffic
5. You can click this button to switch the window between open and closed.
Window is Open
2. Click play to hear the sound with the window open.
4. Click here to hear the noise reduction now the product is applied.
3. Select a sound product, this will close the window.
Pilkington Optifloat™
4 (16 Ar) 4
Pilkington Optifloat™
4 (16 Ar) 8
Pilkington Optiphon™
8 (16 Ar) 8,8
Pilkington Optiphon™
8,8 (20 Ar) 12,8
Pilkington Optiphon™
10 (16 Ar) 8,8
Pilkington Optiphon™
16,8 (20 Ar) 12,8