Pilkington Company History

1826 to Present Day

From a family company in 1826 to a world leader in glass in 2008


Pilkington Group Limited originated in 1826 as the St. Helens Crown Glass Company, founded with the technical knowledge and ability of John William Bell and capital from three of the most influential local families, the Bromilows, the Greenalls and the Pilkingtons. William Pilkington was one of the original shareholders, and he was later joined by his elder brother Richard.

It became a private company in 1894 and remained so until 1970 when its shares were listed on the London Stock Exchange. Pilkington was de-listed from the London Stock Exchange in June 2006 on becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NSG Group; itself established in 1918.

The NSG Group has major market shares in most building and automotive product markets of the world, with a broad geographic reach, enabling it to respond to customers whose operations particularly in the case of Automotive OE, are increasingly global.