Pilkington Planar™ Makes Dream A Reality

21 February 2008
Inspired by a luxurious hotel in Dubai, the world’s leading frameless structural glazing system, Pilkington Planar™, has helped bring seven star glamour to an office in the North West of England.
Rutherford House, Warrington

A stunning glass atrium greets visitors at the entrance of Rutherford House, a recently refurbished office block in Warrington. Designed by AEW architects, the glazed structure is the full height of the 20metre, five storey building. It features double-glazed Pilkington Planar™ structural glazing which includes 24 insulating glass units each measuring 4.4m x 1.72m.
Installed by specialist contractors, Bridgetown Developments, the Pilkington Planar™ structural glazing system provides the versatility needed to create the imposing atrium, while the special coating of Pilkington K Glass™ provides the benefits of both thermal insulation and passive solar gain.  This combination makes it possible to have a large glazed surface area without a lot of heat loss.

Iftikhar Majid, Managing Director, Canttpak, owners of the building said: “The atrium is inspired by the Burj al Arab in Dubai, which is a stunning seven star hotel where rooms have internal balconies that look into the middle of the building. When I stayed there I was so impressed that I wanted to reflect this iconic design in Rutherford House.

“The atrium has a huge impact on the building, it makes the entrance look impressive and allows light to pass in to the office spaces. Each level of the building becomes bright and welcoming, creating an inspiring atmosphere and providing a great feeling of space.”

Formerly home to the British Nuclear Fuels Head Office, the building is named after a pioneer in nuclear physics, Nobel Prize winning physicist Ernest Rutherford.

Visit www.pilkington.co.uk/planar for more information.