Pilkington Planarô Shows Students The Way

04 November 2010
London South Bank University has recently opened its state of the art K2 Building, which utilises Pilkington Planar™ glazing to create an open and accessible new learning facility for students.
London South Bank University has recently opened its state of the art K2 Building, which utilises Pilkington Planarô glazing

The new K2 Building houses its Faculty of Health & Social Care, Department of Education and facilities for Sport & Exercise Science, including four modern lecture theatres, 12 skills labs, 10 mock education classrooms and the Geo Cafe. The new building replaces the former Student Union building and its location on Keyworth Street, which previously divided the campus in two. It will now unite the two halves of the campus and help to knit together adjoining buildings - just as the architectural design teams had intended.
The use of Pilkington Planar™ helps create a welcome entrance to the new building for students and visitors, and offers a modern and attractive new campus space for the students of London South Bank University.
Roger Tuke, Head of Development, Estates and Facilities Directorate at London South Bank University, says: “The K2 Building's entrance is defined by a five-storey atrium, and by specifying Pilkington Planar™ our architect Grimshaw successfully created this vibrant and attractive space. The new building is the key reference point for orientation and provides an east /west axis link through the University campus for the first time. Installing Pilkington Planar™ at the centre of the K2 Building means a large area of glazing can be used to frame this centrepiece and create a recognisable focal point.  The atrium also forms a link between the various departments within the building with space for social interaction and casual study.”
With a proven track record in the most demanding applications, the Pilkington Planar™ system enables architects to create a complete glass envelope for buildings, with facades on any plane.  A striking flush glass surface was made possible at the front of the K2 Building utilising custom stainless steel fittings to fix the glass façade into position instead of using the more conventional framed or stuck back systems. In the case of the K2 façade, the aesthetic vision of the client and architect alike required very close cooperation between those responsible for the structural design of the building itself and the façade design team working at Pilkington.
The 1.8m x 2.3m, 47mm thick Pilkington Planar™ units are completely bespoke to the LSBU project, comprising two separate structural laminated glass components separated by a 16mm air space and custom injection moulded mechanical seal. The façade units are suspended from 570mm deep toughened laminated glass mullions which span a total height of 19 metres. The structural requirements of the building itself however, required that the laminated glass mullions be split in two across a thin horizontal steel blade, the top half of the façade thus being suspended from a beam above, with the remaining structural glass system sitting upon the floor. Thus, the total façade package contains hundreds of tonnes of structural glass and yet appears to float effortlessly in the two adjacent atrium walls that create the space defining this landmark building.
For more information visit www.pilkington.co.uk/planar