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Part L made easy with Pilkington

24 January 2011

The Government has now outlined proposals to amending Part L of the Building Regulations in England and Wales in 2010. In response, Pilkington has developed “Bulletin 9”, a guide to help architects, specifiers and the glazing industry to understand the new proposals and how these changes affect their industries. The guide is now available to download from the Pilkington website at:

Changes to Part L of the Building Regulations for England and Wales were proposed by the Government in June 2009, with all new buildings, domestic and commercial, needing to be 25 per cent more energy efficient than at present. For existing housing, Window Energy Ratings (WERs) will be the main compliance route for replacement windows.  For new commercial buildings there will be a greater focus on limiting solar gains in the summer, increasing opportunities for high performance solar control glass. In another significant change, conservatories with a floor area of less than 30m2 are introduced into the proposals for the first time, meaning all conservatories will need to include low emissivity glass. It is also possible that in future regulations conservatories will be treated in the same way as extensions are currently.

Phil Brown, European Regulatory Marketing Manager, Pilkington, said: “The fenestration industry took major steps to develop energy efficient products after changes to Part L in 2002, but in 2006 amendments to Part L introduced very few significant changes in glazing. However, this time around there are a number of improvements in Part L 2010 so “Bulletin 9” is to help architects, specifiers and the glazing industry understand what is required for new and existing buildings and how glazing can help meet these energy efficient requirements.”

To further explain these changes, Pilkington hosted a webinar just days after the Part L 2010 proposals were announced to give clear and comprehensive advice on the new regulations. To view the webinar visit:

For more information on “Bulletin 9” and to download your copy visit: