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TV Campaign

We launched Pilkington energikare™ to your customers with a national TV campaign in the Spring and Autumn of 2008. By being seen on both national and home interest channels we raised consumer awareness and pointed potential customers to Pilkington energikare™ Partners in their area through our website.

In order to reach the largest number of people in our target audience we advertised Pilkington energikare™ on Channel 5 as well as satellite channels.



Our advertising message is that we casually waste energy out of the window without thinking about it. In the TV advert we emphasise that this means that we also casually waste money out of the window using a series of everyday scenarios in a humourous way.  

Our first year was a great success!

  • 15.4 million adults saw our advert an average of 3.4 times
  • We featured in 3.9 million copies of local and regional press
  • Our website received thousands of hits resulting in more than 9000 clicks to the "how to find a supplier" page and in excess of 5000 supplier searches
  • Consumer awareness of the term "energy efficient glazing" increased from 48% to 67% and awareness of the name Pilkington energikare™ reached 47% of adults
  • 55% of those aware of Pilkington energikare™ would consider buying if they were replacing their windows

So the TV campaign resulted in over 12 million adults being aware of Pilkington energikare™ with 60% of them stating they would consider buying the product! Why not get involved and become one of over 400 suppliers who have partnered with Pilkington.