Skylight Window

A skylight window really can be that cherry on top of your home. The flow of natural light is enough to brighten and warm up any room, while creating a feeling of openness and space.

An Acrylic or Glass Skylight Window?

There are two options when it comes to skylight windows: glass skylights or acrylic skylights and each have their own set of benefits.
Acrylic is a much cheaper alternative and is lighter and easier to handle during the installation. But, generally speaking, it tends to become discoloured over the years and has a tendency to sag or warp with time. Acrylic simply can't match the longevity, classic beauty and clarity of glass skylights.

Glass skylight windows are little pricier, but you're sure to reap the rewards in the future. What's more, you can incorporate a wide range of glass types into your skylight window.

Skylight Windows with Self-Cleaning Glass

Cleaning a skylight is no ordinary household chore and often puts people off installing this type of window. One type of glass which works well in a skylight is Pilkington Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass. The glass is coated with a special treatment and uses the elements of nature to clean itself. Sunlight breaks down the organic dirt, before the rainwater washes it away and completes the two step process.

By installing self-cleaning glass into your new skylight window or replacing your current glass, you save yourself the risk of climbing up a ladder and onto the roof to do the cleaning. Stay indoors, put your feet up, and let nature do your dirty work.

Contact Pilkington, world leaders in glass technology, for more information on skylight windows and self-cleaning glass.