Self-Cleaning Window Glass

No one enjoys the chore of cleaning glass windows, but equally, no one likes having to look at their garden through dirty glass. This leaves many people spending their precious weekends perched precariously on ladders trying to keep their home in tip top condition. Not only is this dangerous, but it is a time consuming and tedious task. Alternatively, any extra cash you could have had has to be spent on hiring a professional window cleaner.

The inconvenience of having to clean windows often puts people off installing glass and prevents them from experiencing the joy of a light-filled home. Many people the world over have often wished for self-cleaning windows - but this simply sounds too good to be true. But with Pilkington, this dream can easily become a sparkling clean reality. The Pilkington Activ™ range of glass provides the ideal material for self-cleaning windows.

Pilkington's Self-Cleaning Windows

The Pilkington range of self cleaning glass has the same properties as any other type of glass, letting in the maximum amount of light, but also manages to keep itself clean. How it works is not complicated - the glass is covered in a microscopic dual-action coating that works with the elements of nature to essentially create self-cleaning windows.

The first action is photocatalytic where the coating harnesses the sun's rays, causing a reaction that breaks down organic dirt. These smaller particles sit loosely on the glass, waiting for the second action which is hydrophilic. When it rains, droplets are prevented from forming and instead the rainwater spreads evenly across the glass. As it runs off the self-cleaning window, the rainwater takes the loosened dirt with it. The coating on self cleaning windows also dries quickly, preventing any unsightly streaks.

Your Role in Self-Cleaning Windows

As a first step, you simply need to decide on the best type of glass for your self-cleaning windows. Each of the three different Pilkington Activ™ options has its own benefits and is ideally suited to different parts of your home. Consulting with the experts at Pilkington will help you choose the right option for your self-cleaning windows. This type of glass can also be combined with other Pilkington products, such as solar or noise control glass, to ensure that you get the best value for money out of your self-cleaning windows.

Once installed, all that is left up to you is to step in if it doesn't rain for a while. Simply give your self-cleaning windows a quick spray with the garden hose. This does the same job and means that you are never required to climb up a ladder again. 

Find out more about how you too can reap the benefits of self-cleaning glass.