Roof Windows: the Problem

p>Anyone who owns a house will know that window cleaning is a particularly arduous task. Windows get smudgy so quickly and need to be cleaned often to maintain an attractively clear appearance. Roof windows are especially difficult to clean as they are often largely inaccessible. Rickety ladders, teetering buckets and suitably nervous cleaners are what a typical roof window cleaning experience are made up of.

Roof windows are notoriously difficult to reach, but ensuring that they maintain a good appearance is quite important. These windows or skylights are often used in spaces where normal vertical windows are not possible. Thus they are often the only source of light and need to be clear to let in the maximum amount. Dirty roof windows are a common sight - but why should this be the case?

Roof Windows: the Solution

It's quite simple really; get Pilkington Activ™ Self-cleaning Glass - the world's first dual action self-cleaning glass. It uses the forces of nature to keep glass windows, doors, skylights and conservatories clear with reduced streaks or smudges. Organic dirt is broken down by the daylight and is then washed away by the rain or a spray of water. The absence of chemicals makes this glass the environmentally friendly alternative for roof windows and very easy to maintain.

You can be the envy of your neighbours and your friends by having roof windows that look perfectly clean all the time. Previously you had to spend time and money and put yourself at risk just to reach and clean those roof windows. Now, thanks to Pilkington Activ™ Self-cleaning Glass, you can forget about roof window cleaning and spend your time and money on other things.

With years of experience in the glass industry Pilkington is suitably skilled and happy to assist you with whatever your glass requirements are - from conservatories to double-glazing to roof windows and more. Contact Pilkington today.