Roof Glass

The use of glass in a home not only adds style and sophistication, but also lets in light which makes any room seem much bigger and brighter. Lots of homes have either no windows or small north-facing windows that let in little or no light. Being in such a room during the day is unpleasant and the area becomes unused and wasted.

One way to deal with this is to install roof glass. A skylight or even a complete roof of glass is the ideal way to solve this problem. This type of 'window' makes the most of limited space in a room and can let in a large amount of light.

Where Can You Use Roof Glass

Roof glass can be used in a variety of places around the home, maximising space and creating a warm and bright atmosphere in your entire house. Roof glass can be used in a variety places to create various different effects:

  • A skylight of roof glass can be used in any room without windows. Such a feature in areas like the kitchen provide much needed light and help save electricity costs as the lights do not need to be switched on during the day.
  • Roof glass can also be used in wooden conservatories so that almost the entire structure is made of glass. This really helps to 'bring the outdoors inside' as you have uninterrupted views of the garden and sky from the warmth and comfort of the indoors.
  • Roof glass can also be used in outdoor rooms and garages, adding much needed light to workshops and outdoor work rooms.
  • Try installing a glass roof in your lounge or bedroom for a fantastic aesthetic feature. Sitting in the lounge watching the rain fall on a skylight or glass roof is very relaxing and adds a unique design element to a room that is unmatched by any décor.

What about Cleaning Glass Roofs?

A ceiling skylight, roof windows or a roof of glass may sound like great features to brighten up a room, but many people would be worried about how to keep them clean. Climbing up to clean a roof glass skylight is not only tricky but dangerous. With Pilkington however there is a way to enjoy the benefits of roof glass without any of the hassle. Pilkington Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass has a special coating that uses the sun's rays to break down and loosen organic dirt. These particles are then simply washed away by the rain and the roof glass is left clean and streak free.

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