Conservatory Design: P-shaped Conservatories

A P-shaped conservatory is the ideal addition to your home should a large structure be what you desire. Although usually more appropriate on larger properties, this design can be adapted to suit virtually any home. In fact, the P-shaped conservatory creates a spacious and impressive effect in any home whilst maintaining a sense of proportion with your house. The P-shape refers to the floor plan which, as the name suggests is shaped like the letter 'p'.

The Benefits of a P-shaped Conservatory

This shape allows for a maximum of light and space as extending your home. By blending two styles into one you can create a conservatory big enough to offer two separate living areas - eg. a dining room and living room. As P-shaped conservatories can be designed in combination with any one of a number of other conservatory styles, homeowners can build the conservatory of their dreams.