Modern Glass Conservatories

A place to read and relax, hone one's hobby, create an indoor garden, work or simply to increase floor space, modern glass conservatories continue to rise in popularity.

Adding to the appeal and value of one's property, conservatories are often seen as the favourite room in the house. With the Pilkington Activ™ range, the functionalities and added benefits are through the roof.

Creating Ultra-Modern Glass Conservatories

Glass never goes out of fashion and is key to creating a modern conservatory which will last a lifetime without dating or aging significantly. Away with polycarbonate (plastic) conservatories which are noisy during rain and are prone to discolouration and dirt build up over time.

Whether you want to erect a new conservatory or refurbish your old one - you can create your new modern glass conservatory with design and functionality that will not only benefit you immediately, but also add to the value of your property.

Remember: If you're planning to build a new conservatory, be sure to enquire with your local municipality about any planning permissions that may be required - especially for larger conservatories.

The Pilkington Activ™ range has a wide variety of glass products to improve the environment by adding practical qualities such as security, privacy or energy reduction to the space.

From thermal control and double glazing to self-cleaning glass and decorative patterns, the combination of products depends on what you require from your modern glass conservatory.

Avoid buying low-quality or imitation products. Make sure you fit only genuine Pilkington products by finding an authorised Pilkington supplier in your area.