Interior Glass Doors as a Design Feature

The beauty of glass lies in its simplicity. Glass is increasingly used as a design feature in homes across the world and as a result the use of interior glass doors in design has flourished. When we think of interior glass doors, bathrooms tend to come to mind but with the fantastic range of styles and applications available today interior glass doors can be found throughout the house.

How to Use Interior Glass Doors

Interior glass doors create an illusion of space as the defined separation between rooms becomes blurred. Glass allows the natural flow of light which also creates the feeling of a bigger space. Interior glass door panels are another way to introduce glass into your home, which also give you the added benefit of privacy in a more open space. Glass door panels still allow for the flow of natural light but provide more privacy than a full interior glass door would.

Another excellent way to introduce an interior glass door is to separate two rooms with a glass sliding door. This allows the two rooms to open up into one large space, increasing the light and usability of the room. An interior glass door that leads to an enclosed patio is also a beautiful feature and brings the outdoors in.

Choosing the Right Glass

Thanks to modern technology, there are many choices when deciding on glass interior doors. Etched or frosted glass can help increase the privacy of your rooms and adds a unique design feature. Pilkington Glass also offer a range of decorative designs. Our glass solutions range from Fire Protection and Noise Control to Safety and Security glass.

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