Hardwood Window Frames: For a Stylish Look

Choosing the materials with which to construct your window or door frames or the skeleton of your conservatory is always a difficult decision to make and is one that homeowners should not make lightly. Important considerations include the aesthetics and the degree of maintenance they need. Hardwood window frames are always a popular choice, but should also be considered carefully.

When considering the merits of various types of window frames, it is important to weigh up your options carefully. The type that you settle on has a significant impact on the appearance of your entire house, as well as on the lifespan and amount of maintenance that your windows will require.

The Pros and Cons of Hardwood Window Frames

In the UK, hardwood window frames remain the norm, particularly in older homes with a more traditional look. In part this can be attributed to their ecologically friendly renewable properties and the small amount of energy required in converting the wood into window frames. The homely feel that it lends to homes is also appealing for many homeowners. The other merit of hardwood window frames is the ratio of thermal performance to internal surface condensation. Hardwood window frames let out little heat and minimise the 'steamed up' effect experienced on the glass.

The key disadvantage is the amount of maintenance that hardwood windows require - the frames will need to be treated every few years. Their old-fashioned look may also not be trendy or chic enough for more modern homes. While hardwood windows do require more maintenance, their class and beauty is undeniable. By fitting the right type of glass, many other window-related maintenance tasks can be greatly reduced, making the time you spend keeping the frames up to scratch not seem so bad. Pilkington Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass uses the power of the elements to help keep glass clean. This means you hardly ever have to wash windows, leaving you with enough time and energy to maintain your hardwood windows.

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