Glass Patio Doors - Bringing the Outside In

Glass patio doors are an excellent way to bring the outdoors into your home - without the cold and the rain. Sitting back in an armchair and being able to look out on the garden is very relaxing and this view is better than any design feature or painting you could have in your home. Glass patio doors tend to not only make the room leading off onto the patio appear larger, but also allow a lot of natural light and introduce an element of nature into your home.

Glass Patio Door options

 The two most popular options when it comes to glass patio doors are:

  • French doors - This type of door usually comes in pairs that open outwards. Small square panes are set out in a chequer board pattern with the frames painted white. This classic look is very popular in more traditional homes and makes for a decorative feature as well as a glass patio door.
  • Sliding glass doors - These glass patio doors consist of two panels of glass with one sliding over the other to open. These are usually aluminium-framed and suit modern homes. The large unobstructed view of the garden helps bring the outdoors right into your living room.

Cleaning Glass Patio Doors

Unfortunately, for glass to truly look exquisite it needs to be kept crystal clear and clean. The only disadvantage of glass patio doors is the maintenance that needs to go into keeping them as clean and clear as possible. You could employ a company to clean your glass patio doors, you could do it yourself or you could simply fit Pilkington Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass. Pilkington Activ™ is a revolutionary self-cleaning glass that uses the forces of nature to stay clean. A special coating reacts with the UV rays from the sun to break down and loosen dirt. This same coating then prevents the rain or water from the hose from forming droplets, spreading it evenly across the glass patios doors, and washing away the loosened dirt and debris.

Visit the Pilkington FAQ page if you have any queries about self-cleaning glass and find the answers to all your questions about glass patio doors.