Conservatory Designs: Gable-Fronted Conservatories

Gable-fronted conservatories are amongst the most classic and grand additions that can be made to any home. Indeed, the conservatory's architectural history is almost all encompassed in this design. Particularly well-suited to older properties, this design is reminiscent of the traditional orangery designs of days gone by.

The Benefits of A Gable-Fronted Conservatory

Gable-fronted conservatory design maximises the light and space in the conservatory as well as adding a classic feel to your home - while still making an impressive and attractive statement. The gable-fronted conservatory also features a square floor plan, which in terms of décor and furnishings is highly practical because it increases the usable floor area. The style verges on imposing, and with a distinct sense of presence, these conservatories have an elevated front, and windows that extend all the way to the apex of the roof.

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