Enhance your Entrances with French Doors

Glass doors, particularly French doors, are an attractive way to let more light into your home; not only giving the illusion of increased space but also bringing in the elements of nature in an attractive manner that adds to the overall appeal of your space. Currently highly fashionable, this trend also has long term value because the use of glass is the most effective way to light up your home, reduce eye-strain and enhance the well-being of your family.

French doors take the form of two, usually timber framed doors that have multiple inlaid windows. Commonly installed to open out onto your garden or outside entertainment area, these doors provide a large, attractive entrance that allows for a comfortable flow between your indoor and outdoor lifestyle. Even when closed, French doors still let the light to stream in, creating a pleasant environment in your home.

The Origins of French Doors

 Traditionally stretching from the floor to ceiling, these doors were designed by the French, but used mostly in their colonies, which were hot and humid. These doors maximised ventilation and let light stream into the homes of settlers. They opened from the centre and comprised square panes divided by timber. Modern French doors are not only used as an entry point, but also to improve the architectural feel of houses. They are now also available as multi-paneled folding doors that open and shut in a manner similar to an accordion.

French Door Glass Alternatives

 The overall look of French doors can be completely ruined by dirty glass that reduces the amount of light that streams through. However, cleaning all those panes of glass is a hassle that not many homeowners will look forward to. The solution lies in Pilkington Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass which uses the natural elements to break down organic dirt and rinse it away. This system helps to ensure that your French doors will always look their best.

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