Fitting Double Glazing

First off, make no mistake - double glazing is a pretty specialist area and you should not attempt to install double glazing unless you are completely confident in your building or DIY skills.

Many of the materials you will be working with are expensive and the possibility of doing serious damage is quite a real one. Fitting a double glazing unit poorly is likely to result in an unsightly condensation problem that is not only unattractive, but can lead to irreparable damage to the entire unit.

That said, DIY would be no fun at all if it wasn't challenging. Fitting double glazing is not impossible as long as you do your homework properly, seek assistance and advice from the experts during the critical points of the process.

How To Go About Fitting Double Glazing

Before fitting double glazing, it's vital that you do your groundwork properly and are clear on the very basics

  • What is double glazing? It is a means of creating windows that have two sheets of glass in them. Between the panes, there is a thin cavity containing air or argon gas.
  • Why double glazing? Double glazed windows have many benefits, mostly resulting from their insulating properties.
  • What are the common reasons for fitting double glazing? People often fit double glazing because their current windows are in a bad state or they are looking for a low maintenance option. Fitting double glazing also improves the aesthetics and sound and heat insulation properties of your home.

Additional Resources for Fitting Double Glazing

Now that you know the basics, find your nearest glass supplier and get started.