Exterior Folding Doors

The addition of exterior glass doors adds something special to a room. Allowing the natural light to flow into a room makes it seem bigger and allows you to bring the outdoors in. Many people avoid this though as they are worried about the space the doors will take up, the room becoming colder, cleaning such a large glass space and the safety of glass doors. Exterior folding doors fitted with Pilkington Activ™ Self-cleaning Glass and other glass products offer a unique solution to all of these problems.

Pilkington's Solutions for Exterior Folding Doors

  • The Problem of Space: Exterior folding doors or bi-fold glass doors allow you to have a large opening in any room of your home, regardless of space. Instead of opening outwards or inwards, these doors fold concertina style to either side. When closed, these exterior folding doors offer no obstruction to your view of the outside and when open, create a clear route to the outdoors.
  • The Problem of Heating: Exterior folding doors can be double glazed to ensure maximum heat efficiency. Double glazing prevents heat loss from a room and the cold from the outside from seeping in. This not only reduces heating bills, but also allows you to enjoy those outdoor views all year round from the warmth and comfort of your living room. For extra warmth, your glass can be combined with Pilkington Optitherm™, which has even more advanced insulation properties.
  • The Problem of Cleaning: Many people shy away from large exterior folding doors of glass as they need constant cleaning. Dirty doors or windows prevent you from enjoying the view and the light from entering the room, negating their very purpose. Combining your exterior folding doors with Pilkington Activ™ Self-cleaning Glass helps to eradicate this problem. A special coating utilises the sunlight to break down organic dirt on the glass which is then simply washed away by the rain or the hose, helping to keep your windows clean all year round.
  • The Problem of Safety: Exterior folding doors can also be combined with their safety glass options. This toughened glass protects you against intruders and is shatter proof in order to be safe around children. These exterior folding doors can also be fitted with an approved locking system for added safety

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