Choosing Your Double Glazing Company

You may know that double glazing is a good idea, but making the right selection among the various double glazing companies avaialable is not easy. You need to find a reputable installer that offers professionalism and value, to ensure that you get the best out of this investment.

What to Look for in a Double Glazing Company

  • Company Experience: How many years has the double glazing company been in the industry? Are they well-known? Any complaints from the public? Do your homework before hand and save yourself from having to deal with shoddy workmanship or runaway bills.
  • Quotes and Estimates: Make sure you get an accurate, written quote before any work is done. Deposits should never be more than 10% and any double glazing company that asks for more should be questioned.
  • Cost versus Quality: You want the job to be done quickly and effectively, but you should not compromise on quality. Some installers offer to get the job done for far less than others or to get it done practically overnight, but it's best to pay that little bit more to ensure that the installation job is done right and will last longer.
  • Guarantee: Ensure that the double glazing company you choose offers a written guarantee on their workmanship. A botched job will need re-doing and that will be costly.

Pilkington has been in the glass industry for a number of years and has a reputation as a leading double glazing supplier. Not only is Pilkington glass of the highest quality, it also has a range of added benefits and features. From solar control properties to self-cleaning, using Pilkington glass means you get far more you’re your money.

Contact Pilkington for any information or advice you may need about any aspect of glass or glass installation.