Double Glazing Advice

Installing double glazing in your home is not an easy task and hardly a quick fix, but the benefits are definitely lasting.
You need to take the time to think about what kind of glass to install, where to install it and who to hire to do the fitting. Not a cheap affair, all the necessary double glazing considerations need to be thought through beforehand to ensure you're aware of what the procedure entails.

Double Glazing Tips: Considerations

From glass industry experts with years of experience comes all the double glazing advice, tips and considerations necessary for those who are interested in glass and glass fitment.

  • Research - It's important to know as much as possible about every step in the process.
  • Assess - Know what you're looking for, be it low maintenance self-cleaning glass, reduced glare or noise reduction. The Pilkington Activ™Product Range has a wide selection of specialised, high quality glass for every need.
  • Shop Around - It goes without saying that you'll want to find a reputable supplier that won't cut corners at your expense. Excellent workmanship and greater peace of mind are always worth paying that little bit more for.
  • Frame It - Finding the perfect frame is as important as installing the right glass. PVC or aluminium has good longevity but doesn't suit all windows, and while timber may always be in style, it doesn't last as long.
  • Permissions - It may be a legal requirement to obtain permission for specific window fitments, so always enquire about any necessary paperwork in your local area.
  • Be Patient - Last but not least, the most important piece of double glazing advice would be to take your time and consider all the aspects of your decisions. Take your time rather than settling for a hit-and-miss job.

Pilkington has been in the glass industry for a number of years and are leaders in specialised high quality glass. Find a glass supplier that is not only endorsed by Pilkington, but is guaranteed to stock their excellent glass products.