Double Glazed Windows

Glass windows tend to be the primary suspects when it comes to cold and drafty homes. By installing double glazing windows you could not only save a great deal of money on your heating bills, but you will also be improving the resale value of your home.

Double glazing windows are essentially windows with two panes of glass sealed together with either air or argon gas trapped between them to act as an insulator. The inner pane does not come into contact with the cold air so it stays much warmer.

Why Fit Double Glazed Windows?

  • Double glazing your windows improves the sound insulation of your home, reducing external noise to make your home a quieter and more peaceful environment to live in.
  • Because the inner panes of double glazed windows don't come into contact with the cold air, they stay warmer and tend to reduce heat loss by 10-12%, which can in turn reduce your heating bills.
  • Double glazed windows tend to eliminate drafts by eradicating "cold zones" near windows.
  • Double glazed windows are also harder to break into, which is a huge benefit for safety conscious individuals.

Install your Double Glazed Windows with Pilkington Glass

Remember to ask the company providing you with double glazed windows if they stock Pilkington Activ. Not only will this glass help to keep your windows cleaner than ever before, tests on the glass have shown that it will keep on working beyond the expected lifetime of the double glazing unit itself. The Pilkington Activ™ range also includes Pilkington Activ™ Blue and Neutral which also have solar control properties, helping to keep your home cooler during those warm summer months.

Double glazed windows are definitely something you should consider when looking at replacement glass. If you can't afford to do the whole house at once, then an option is to fit the double glazing windows in the rooms you use the most or the ones that are the most costly to heat.

Find a glass supplier in your area that carries the Pilkington Activ™ range of self cleaning solar control glass.