Double Glazing in the UK

Cold winters and the increased heating bills they cause are the reason many homeowners are opting to fit double glazing in the UK. Double glazing is essentially a unit of two panes of glass, instead of one. This glass can be used for doors and windows and results in a decrease in noise and condensation whilst keeping in the heat.

Double Glazing is Effective In:

The Benefits of Double Glazing in the UK

  • Sound insulation - this thicker glass is ideal to block out the noise from a busy road or a noisy nearby school.
  • Heat insulation - double glazing in the UK helps greatly in coping with the cold weather, keeping your home warmer.
  • Saves on your heating bills - as this glass keeps your home warmer, you can be less reliant on other heating methods, saving you money in the long term.
  • Reduces chilly drafts - double glazing effectively reduces cold spots near windows and doors, allowing you to utilise an entire room.
  • Safety and security - double glazing is a toughened form of glass that is much harder to break, protecting your children from accidents and your home from intruders. 

If you are researching companies offering double glazing in the UK remember to ask them if they stock Pilkington Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass. Not only will this glass keep your windows cleaner than ever before, tests on the glass have shown that it will keep on working beyond the expected lifetime of the double glazing unit itself. Pilkington Activ™ is the ideal choice for double glazing in the UK as it's just like conventional glass but with the benefit of being self-cleaning. It can also be combined with a range of other Pilkington products within the double glazed unit, allowing the windows to have additional benefits - such as solar control, noise control and extra security.