Double Glazed Glass

Double glazed glass is basically when two sheets of glass are fitted together in a window frame, with a small space of air between them. Double glazed glass is fast becoming the preferred choice when fitting new window panes in the UK as it has a range of benefits that ensure you get the best possible value out of the glass in your home.

The Benefits of Double Glazed Glass

Double glazed glass has a number of practical benefits:

  • Double glazed glass has strong insulation properties, thanks to the layer of air between the panes that prevents warmth from escaping or the cold from entering. It's ideal for the cold winter months in the UK.
  • It helps to cut energy costs. The added insulation means that you shouldn't be spending as much money on heating and cooling because the warmth isn't exiting the window.
  • It helps to block external noise. Double glazed glass literally creates double the amount of sound reduction that a single pane would. The sound blocking can help to restore a sense of tranquillity to your home.

    It offers added safety. The double panes in double glazed glass mean that the window is harder to break.