Conservatory Planning

Building an addition to your home is a huge undertaking and even something as seemingly simple as a conservatory takes planning and forethought. When spending a significant amount of money on a home addition like a conservatory, planning before the work even starts can ensure that it is not only money well spent, but also adds value to both your life and property.

The Steps to Planning for a New Conservatory

Conservatory Planning Permission

The first step whenever planning for a conservatory should always be to check with your local council. Depending on the size, planning permission for a conservatory is not always necessary, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Simply starting to build without the right paperwork could result in serious fines or even the demolition of your hard work.

Choosing the Right Location

The next step in the conservatory planning process is to choose the right location or position. Depending on your desired use and your budget for the conservatory, planning its position will differ significantly. In the UK, north-facing conservatories will not get much sunlight and will need extra heating, while south-facing structures can get hot and will require extra cooling measures, adding on to the cost of the project. If you are planning a conservatory to be a breakfast room, then it should face east to get the morning sun, while rooms to be used in the evening should face west.

Choosing the Right Materials

Planning for a conservatory should always include deciding in advance which type of materials to use. For example, if you are looking for a natural addition to your home that blends in with your garden, then a wooden structure could be your best option. Choosing the right conservatory glass during the planning stage could also save you a significant amount of money in the long run. Pilkington’s self-cleaning glass range uses the forces of nature to keep the glass naturally cleaner and so could save you time and money. With added solar control properties, this type of glass can also significantly reduce heating and cooling bills.
Advance conservatory planning is the only way to ensure that your home addition project is both successful and cost effective.

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