Commercial Glass Doors

When professional architects and designers create a commercial space, such as a store front or building, there are many things to think about including health and safety, appearance and overall functionality.

Commercial glass doors should be safe, aesthetically pleasing and add some sort of functional benefit to the building. Luckily, with the Pilkington Activ™ range of practical glasses, many properties can be included simply by using the right type of glass.

Self-Cleaning Commercial Glass Doors

One such glass is Pilkington Self-Cleaning Glass. The specialised glass uses an exceptional two-phase cleaning process to reduce maintenance.

How does self-cleaning glass work? The glass is treated with a specialised coating which uses natural sunlight as a catalyst to breakdown organic dirt in the first phase of the cleaning process.

Next, rain or other precipitation washes away the loose dirt in sheets, leaving your commercial glass doors clean and clear of grime. Dry season? A once over with a hose will rid your windows of the loose dirt just as easily without the need for cleaning products, ladders and extra hassle.

Commercial Glass Door Suppliers

Pilkington have been perfecting the technological art of glass for over 180 years, proudly boasting the Pilkington Activ™ range which can add value and improved functionality to your glass doors.

Looking for a trusted supplier for your commercial glass doors? Ensure that you only fit genuine Pilkington products by finding an authorised Pilkington supplier in your area, today.