Conservatory planning is a lengthy and complex process and its importance should not be overlooked in your enthusiasm to get started with the building process. In addition to deciding what structural materials to use, and what type of glazing to make use of, the question of positioning is also an important one. While this may seem too obvious to mention, deciding where to position your conservatory is integral to your planning and will have unforeseen consequences for your conservatory's future as the positioning has a significant impact on the creation of a comfortable interior.

North or South?

The northern hemisphere is prone to cold winter weather and this should be borne in mind during your conservatory planning. Conservatories that face north will not receive direct sunlight during winter and this may necessitate extra insulation or heating measures. However, south facing conservatories also have their disadvantages because of the amount of direct sunlight that they receive. This can get hot and make the room unpleasant in the warmer weather and thus increased cooling and ventilation are sensible additions. 

East or West?

Also important in the conservatory planning process is deciding on the function of your conservatory. This also has a significant bearing on the direction that your structure should face. Conservatories that face east make excellent breakfast rooms because they get early morning sun, while west facing conservatories get late afternoon and evening sunlight, making them perfect for houseplants or curling up with a cup of tea and a good book. 

Reduce the Impact of Direction on Your Conservatory

There are however, measures that can be taken to mitigate the impacts of the external environment, making your conservatory planning process easier and less restrictive. One method of easily controlling the interior temperature of your conservatory is though using Pilkington Activ™ Blue or Neutral - glass that displays both self-cleaning and solar control properties.

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