Casement Window Glass

What is a casement window? In short, casement windows are free-moving windows which are hinged on the vertical axis, like a door.

These types of windows are common and the styles of frame or glass is limitless. From the humble bedroom window to extravagant bay windows, casement windows can easily be reinvented by rethinking the frame or glass - especially the glass.

Casement Window Glass Style

Here are some qualities which can be added to your casement windows with the help of the right type of glass from the Pilkington Activ™ range:

Security: Pilkington Optilam™ provides added safety from intentional or accidental breakage through lamination.

Privacy: Pilkington's range of decorative glass and frosting can increase your privacy, especially in areas such as bathrooms where privacy may be a concern.

Maintenance: Decrease the amount of time and money spent on cleaning and maintenance and fit self-cleaning glass to each casement window in your home. The specialised glass uses the power of nature to break down dirt and wash it away.

Solar Control: With glass such as Pilkington Activ™ Neutral or Pilkington Activ™ Blue (with blue tint), one can easily reduce the amount of energy lost through casement windows and other glass surfaces.

Noise Control: Double glazing, which is comprised of two panes separated by a thin sliver of air, can greatly reduce the amount of noise between the inside environment and the outside world. Double glazing is great for casement windows opening onto busy streets or other noisy areas.

For more information on casement windows and modern glass technologies, contact Pilkington today.