The Benefits of Low Maintenance Glass Cleaning

Thanks to the latest technology, Pilkington Activ greatly reduces the maintenance normally associated with glass - and with enormous benefits for you and the environment. The benefits of self-cleaning glass are immense - you'll save on window cleaning bills, eliminate the use of potentially harmful cleaning products to be more environmentally friendly and you'll have more time for the things you enjoy. And what could be better than cleaner windows - especially when it takes less effort?

Saving time and money

The time and energy that goes into keeping windows looking great has encouraged many home owners to make the change to enjoy the benefits of self-cleaning glass. Whether you employ a window cleaning service or you spend hours cleaning them yourself you will save a huge amount of time, energy and money with low maintenance glass cleaning from Pilkington Activ™. There is simply no better way to keep glass looking good than to install replacement windows or doors with self-cleaning glass.

Easy Glass Cleaning

All that's needed to ensure that self-cleaning glass performs at its peak are the natural forces of sunlight and rain, or the unnatural forces of the garden hose. Besides giving you cleaner glass, Pilkington Activ™ Clear is kinder to the planet as there is no need to use detergent, but only mild environmentally friendly products. So you're doing your bit for the environment as well as keeping your home looking smarter.


According to research, the chore homeowners most detest is cleaning windows. Not only is it time consuming but balancing on a flimsy ladder with a bucket of soapy water in one hand and a cloth in the other can be a rather dangerous exercise as well. Low maintenance glass cleaning is safer for our legs and our stress levels!

Combining Pilkington Activ™ with Other Products

Glass technology allows us to combine different products with different features - imagine glass that cleans itself, helps to keep your room warm and blocks out noise! Pilkington Activ™ not only brings you a fantastic low maintenance glass cleaning method and a chance to use environment friendly products, but also allows you to combine various products for the ultimate in glass solutions and value for money.

Pilkington Reliability

 Having been in the glass industry for over 180 years, Pilkington is recognised as one of the world leaders in glass technology. Rest assured that no one can keep your glass cleaner or performing at peak condition for longer. Of all their glass innovations, Pilkington Activ™ - the world's first dual action self-cleaning glass - is acknowledged as one of the greatest environmentally friendly products and is ideal for use anywhere from homes to businesses and public buildings around the world.

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