Advice on Buying Double Glazing

p>Installing double glazing in your home is a process that requires a lot of careful thought. The benefits of double glazing make a lot of sense, but there are also certain considerations that you should bear in mind before accepting any quote. Most importantly however, many people need advice on buying double-glazing  in the first place.

Some Good Double Glazing Advice

The first piece of advice for buying double glazing is that the process is a two-fold affair - you need both a reputable glass supplier and a reputable installer. Firstly, ask around and try to find a supplier who is well-trusted. It's all very well having a great installer but if the product you use is not up to scratch, you're wasting your time. Don't believe everything you read in advertisements, contact suppliers and check them out individually. Good advice on buying double glazing from a decent supplier is to check how long they have been in business validating their experience and to also ask around for references from people who have used them before. Pilkington has been in the glass industry for many years and is widely regarded as leaders in the industry.

The same advice for buying double glazing applies to finding a reputable installer - don't rely on advertisements, check out each installer individually. If you've gone to the effort and expense of buying top-quality glass, make sure you hire someone reliable who will install it properly. Always get a written quote beforehand and a guarantee on the workmanship. Be wary of an installer who asks you for more than a 10% deposit before the job even starts.

Pilkington has been in the glass industry for a number of years and is an established expert in this field. Their revolutionary Pilkington Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass is ideal for use in double glazed windows.

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