Crystal Clear Partnership

14 February 2011
Pilkington, the UK’s leading energy efficient glazing manufacturer, has added another partnership to its Pilkington energiKare™ scheme. Crystal Windows, the largest independent manufacturer and installer of high durability windows in the South-East of England, is the latest company to join the energy efficiency revolution and offer Pilkington energiKare™ as standard.
newsCrystal Windows offering Pilkington energiKare™ as standard.
Crystal Windows is a leading supplier of double-glazed windows, doors, and other home improvement products, and has an emphasis on durability, value for money, and quality. Combined with a desire to provide the latest products and innovation for customers, it was a natural progression for Crystal Windows to partner with Pilkington and its energy efficient glazing.
Kevin Moran, Managing Director of Crystal, said: “With recent rises in energy bills, many people are now looking for ways to reduce them. Energy efficient windows can help reduce energy used in the home, affecting both the comfort and the cost of heating it. The Pilkington energiKare™ glazing system is a product that passes benefits on to customers, saving money and energy, and is an exemplary system designed to benefit the user, vendor, and the environment. We are proud to now offer it as standard.”
Pilkington energiKare™ is different to normal double glazing as it has an increased benefit from solar gain, with the window designed to let in the optimum amount of heat, whilst ensuring as little heat loss as possible. By utilising as much solar energy as possible, the user can save on the cost of artificial heating. With a BFRC Window Energy Rating (WER) of at least C, windows incorporating Pilkington energiKare™ qualify for the prestigious Energy Saving Trust’s Energy Saving Recommended scheme, and can help homeowners save up to £170 on fuel bills per year. Assuming a 10 per cent annual rate of fuel cost inflation, the total saving over the life of Pilkington energiKare™ could reach £10,000 over 20 years.
Andy McDowell, UK Business Development Manager, Pilkington, said: “The partnership with Crystal Windows is great news for Pilkington, and we are proud to have the Pilkington energiKare™ brand associated with the largest manufacturer and installer of PVCU windows in the South-East.”
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