Reclaim your Conservatory with a Replacement Glass Roof incorporating Pilkington Activ™

03 December 2010

A cared-for conservatory is more than just an extension it’s a valuable asset to any home. But all too often, tired and uncomfortable conservatory structures are leaving homeowners with redundant rooms and looking for somewhere else to relax.

Hot in summer, cold in winter and unbearably noisy when it rains, plastic-roofed and older, glass roofed conservatories fail to offer the inviting extra living space we all crave. But now, help is at hand with Pilkington Activ™ self-cleaning glass – a revolutionary product available with both self-cleaning and solar control properties. As a result, homeowners everywhere can reclaim their conservatories, transforming them into enjoyable spaces to enjoy throughout the seasons.

Instead of replacing the whole structure, a process that is both expensive and disruptive, consumers can now upgrade their conservatory by simply replacing the old roof with a new glass roof incorporating one of the products from the Pilkington Activ™ range. This will eliminate many of the problems associated with even modern, plastic-roofed conservatories and help people make theirs the ideal space to relax and unwind – at a fraction of the cost of a new conservatory.

Pilkington Cervoglass™ insulating glass units incorporating Pilkington Activ™ are units designed specifically for conservatory roofs and glass structures. They can be conveniently used to revitalise existing structures – adding value by creating self-cleaning, noise-reduced, airy spaces and a comfortable environment which can be used come rain or shine.  The units offer increased energy efficiency too as they are available with built-in solar-control performance and thermal insulation – keeping conservatories cooler in the summer, snug and warm in the winter and helping to stop  energy bills going through the roof!