Bring the Outside in with a Glass Box

03 December 2010

Turning your home inside out is the new way to truly modernise your home – with a seamless transition from the inside to the outside, glass box extensions allow the creation of a continuous, dramatic, floor to ceiling, frameless glass structure which effortlessly unifies the homes, the extension and its outdoor space.

Connecting your living space with your outside space, the glass box can extend your living area to subtly bring the outside in, ensuring as you relax sipping your favourite drink as the sun sets, nothing will spoil the view.

These modern structures allow the interior space to be flooded with natural light as they predominately consist of glass. But, as stunning as they may look when new, keeping them clean and attractive all year round can be hard work if appropriate glazing is not considered at the design phase.

Pilkington Activ™ self cleaning glass should be considered for all highly glazed designs.  It has a dual action coating which works in two ways. Firstly it uses daylight then rainwater to breakdown and wash away organic dirt, continually cleaning itself and helping to provide a cleaner, clearer view. Ultimately, windows look cleaner for longer – making the difference between enjoying your new extension and spending the majority of time cleaning it!

It is also crucial when investing in a structure like a glass extension that it can be enjoyed year round. So selecting glazing that combines both self cleaning properties with solar control performance (e.g. Pilkington Activ™ Blue or Neutral), will help keep your glass extension cooler in summer, and when combined with a low-emissivity glass, such as Pilkington K-glass™, will ensure your space is kept warmer during the winter months too.

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