Pilkington Self-Cleaning Glass: General FAQs

Q. What can I use to clean the glass?
A. Warm water with soap (e.g. washing up liquid) can be used, however please visit the technical update at www.pilkington.com/uk/technicalupdate, or download the 'Approved Glass agents' pdf from the literature section of the website for more information on what you can use.

Q. Do I have to buy windows or can I buy a spray-on 'activ' film?
A. No, Pilkington Activ™ is applied to the glass during manufacture, and there is no equivalent substitute. Ask for Pilkington Activ™ when you order your new windows or replacement glazing.

Q. Where can I buy Pilkington Activ™ glass abroad?
A. Pilkington Activ™ is exported; however it is not available in all markets. Contact your local glass supplier for more information on how to buy Pilkington Activ™.

Q. How can I remove persistent stains (including sealant/ concrete) without harming the coating?
A. Contact your local supplier or visit www.pilkington.com/uk/technicalupdate for more information.

Q. Do any shower manufacturers use self-cleaning glass?
A. No, as it is internal. Self-cleaning glass requires both daylight and rain to activate the cleaning process.

Q. What is the price of self-cleaning glass in comparison with normal double glazing?
A. Pilkington is unable to dictate the price installers charge, but there is normally a modest increase over standard glass.

Q. Why do my windows look streaky in the sunlight?
A. If the glass is not fitted with Pilkington Activ™, the water runs down the window in rivulets, and tends to deposit any dirt in the rivulet in the streaks.

Q. Will it work on north facing glass / glass that doesn't get a lot of direct sunlight?
A. . There is enough UV light to activate the glass.

Q. Can I just buy the glass rather than a whole new window unit?
A. Yes, it is available as either a single pane or an IGU. Contact your glass merchant.

Q. Is it safe to use in other types of frames i.e. wood / aluminium?
A. Yes. All you need to do is follow installation guidelines.

Q. What is the life span of Pilkington Activ™?
A. The Pilkington Activ™ coating will last as long as the glass under normal circumstances.

Q. Are there any plans to issue certificates of installation for Pilkington Activ™?
A. Yes, this is something that is available exclusively to Pilkington Activ™ installers.

Q. I am concerned about cleaning off sealant deposits:
A. Sealant deposits should be removed before they dry using a suitable solvent according to procedures outlined in the "Handling and Processing Guidelines for Window Manufacturers" (this pdf can be downloaded from the literature section of the website). Residual deposits of cured sealant will be more difficult to remove and abrasive materials must not be used to aid cleaning.

Q. My Installer has left handling marks on my windows following installation, how can I remove these?
A. Download the "List of Approved Cleaning Agents" from the literature section of the website for advice on cleaning any specific marks off your windows (including paint).

Q. Can you have frosted glass which is also self-cleaning?
A. Yes, you can use Pilkington Activ™ as the outer pane, with an inner pane of textured glass. Visit the Pilkington Building products website at www.pilkington.com for more information on texture glass variations.

Q. How do I find out about other Pilkington products?
A. Click here to visit the Pilkington Building Products home page where you can find out more information on all other Pilkington products

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