Let Pilkington Help You With Your DIY Windows

Installing DIY windows is quite a task, but it is not impossible if you use the right glass and consult the experts for advice. Pilkington has been manufacturing glass for many years and offers a range of products that are guaranteed to meet your every need.


Whether you need new windows to help control noise or you require self-cleaning glass for those hard to reach areas, Pilkington has the right product for you. Each Pilkington product can also be combined with another to give you the best value for money and make your new DIY windows a real success

Tips for DIY Window Installation

Pilkington offers extensive glass advice and also endorses reputable installers who are more than willing to do the job for you. Use the easy search function and find a supplier and installer in your area. However, if you are intent on doing a DIY window job, then make sure you are fully prepared by researching the process and also take heed of the quick tips below!

  • If you are installing a brand new DIY window, then choose its placement carefully. To achieve maximum sunlight, monitor the room for a few days to get an idea of the sun's path through the room. Choose whether you want the window to face north, south, east or west and depending on how much light you want and when, position the DIY window accordingly.
  • Any replacement or DIY window should come with its own installation instructions - make sure that your delivery includes this vital booklet!
  • Consider adding some extra window hardware. This can improve the aesthetic appeal of your DIY windows and enhance their security. Look online for some decorative locks or attractive window hardware.
  • If you have children try and purchase locks that will be difficult for a child to open or install them out of a child's reach for added safety.
  • Pre-hung windows should arrive blocked and braced which prevents any damage to the window during shipping. Only remove this bracing after the window is installed to prevent any damage during your DIY window installation process.
  • It is usually safest and easiest to install a DIY window from the outside.

Find a glass supplier in your area now.

Find a glass supplier in your area.