Self-cleaning Glass Suppliers

It's so difficult to know where to begin when it comes to buying glass. There are a number of glass manufacturers, all of whom have thousands of glass suppliers for their products. As a customer you need to be happy with the manufacturer of the glass as well as the glass supplier or glass installer.

Choosing Your Glass Supplier Wisely

With over 180 years of experience in the glass industry, Pilkington offers you a number of points to consider when you are looking for a glass supplier:

  • Find out what support and warranties the different glass suppliers offer, in the event that there is a problem with your glass
  • Find out what types of glass products are available from each glass supplier.
  • Use the internet. Find out what people are saying about the glass suppliers and products you are considering

The glass in your house is a costly investment, so you want to make sure that your money is well spent, especially with so many new glass industry developments.

Pilkington Activ™ Self-cleaning Glass

More and more people are considering Self-cleaning glass, as it is a low maintenance glass, ideal for busy lifestyles.
If you are considering investing in self-cleaning glass, you should consider Pilkington Activ™. Pilkington is a world leader in glass technology and the first to develop a Self-cleaning glass, making it the preferred choice for Self-cleaning glass. With over 800 installers registered on the Pilkington Activ Glass Supplier Finder you're sure to find precisely what you are looking for.

Read these tips on how to buy Self-cleaning glass before you get started or learn more about the benefits of installing Self-cleaning glass in your home