Pilkington's Greyhound Line

05 July 2006
Greyhound racing enthusiasts in Ireland are enjoying an even better experience at five of the country's prominent greyhound racetracks thanks to Pilkington Planar™. An initial project on a greenfield site on the outskirts of Cork was such a success that it led the Irish Greyhound Board to commit to a programme incorporating Waterford, Galway, Dundalk and Lifford. Punters and corporate guests attending these venues now reap the rewards of uninterrupted viewing thanks to the world's leading frameless structural glazing system.
Cork Greyhound Track

The key objective of the programme was to provide aesthetically-stunning venues which offered customers uninterrupted views of the track. A glass system that facilitated this and was easy to incorporate into the build was demanded, and Pilkington Planar™ was the clear choice.

An excellent partnership between accredited Pilkington Planar™ structural glazing installers, McNeill-McManus, Alan Hamilton Architects and the Pilkington project team was established immediately, and the team ethic was crucial to the success of the three-year programme, which saw an outlay of nearly £1million by the Irish Greyhound Board.

“A key consideration for the structural glass project was providing uninterrupted vision for customers at the venues,” says Peter Collins, Contracts Director, McNeill-McManus. “Pilkington Planar™ was identified as the solution immediately, and the Pilkington Planar™ Design Team reinforced the system’s obvious qualities with a brilliant support package from the start, assisting us in the design process and by always being available for any queries.”

Pilkington Planar™ allows architects to create a complete glass envelope for buildings, with facades on any plane. Quality is assured by the exclusive use of Pilkington glass, with fabrication and design carried out in the ISO 9000 certified manufacturing facility in St. Helens – the only one of its kind in the world.